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Certifying Documents and Apostilles

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We are on the list of English Solicitors resident in Italy published by the UK Foreign Office. We can certify copies of documents and arrange for an apostille under the Hague Convention from the Foreign and Commonwealth office. You can choose between simply asking for our certification or instructing us to complete the full procedure on your behalf .

For more information regarding the apostille, please click here.

We also have correspondents in most jurisdictions around the world if you need an apostille on a document. We can also arrange for translations (simple, certified and court-sworn).

Certification of documents issued in England and Wales for use in Italy

The cost for a single certification is Euro € 126.88 including VAT.

If you wish we can also send to FCO and arrange for direct dispatch back to you at your Italian address of the certificate with apostille. In this case the additional costs are as follows:

Postage and handling dispatch to FCO             € 31.72
Apostille fee (payable to FCO, GBP 30)           € 35.00
Return postage fee                                                € 18.00
Total                                                                € 211.60

Each additional document costs Euro 12.69 plus Euro 30.00 apostille fee (no extra postage).

Consultation regarding the document and apostille (especially whether an apostille is actually required especially in the light of the recent EU regulation) costs Euro 50 per half hour or part thereof (min Euro 50).

If you wish to proceed then please complete the sign-up form at  and send us the ID as requested in the form. Without this information we cannot proceed. 

Where the form asks for a third document please upload the document(s) in pdf  you need certified.  Once we have received the information and pdf of the document we will be back in touch to confirm fees, organise advance payment and arrangements  for letting us have the original documents.

The timescale are about ten to fifteen working days once we are in possession of the document(s) requiring certification.