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Certification and Apostilles

Due to the COVID-14 pandemic and Government Restrictions on Travel We Are Currently Unable to Offer a UK Government Apostille Service

Italian Version

We can certify copies of documents and organise the posting of an apostille under the Hague Convention by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the United Kingdom. You can choose between simply requesting our certification or completing the entire procedure for posting the apostille on your behalf.

We also have correspondents in most jurisdictions around the world if you need an apostille for a document to be used outside the United Kingdom

We can arrange translations (simple, certified and sworn in court).

Certification of documents issued in England and Wales for use in Italy

The cost of a single certification is 126.88 euros including VAT.

If you wish we can also send it to the FCO (the British Government office responsible for apostilles) and arrange direct shipment to you to your Italian address of the apostille certificate. The costs are therefore as follows:

Affrancatura e gestione spedizione a FCO/Postage and dispatch to FCO 
€ 31,72
Costo dell'apostille (pagabile a FCO, GBP 30)/cost of the Apostille)paid to FCO GBP 30)     
 € 35,00
Spese di spedizione e di ritorno/Return postage 
€ 18,00
€ 84.72
€ 126,88
Totale Certificazione e Apostille/Total Certification + Apostille
€ 211,60

Each additional document costs Euro 12.69 (VAT included) plus Euro 30.00 for the apostille (without additional shipping costs if all included in the same shipment).

Professional consultation on a document and the apostille (e.g. if the apostille is actually needed, especially in light of the recent EU Regulation) costs 50 euros for half an hour or part of it (minimum 50 euros).

Payment can be made by ATM/Credit Card/Paypal/Bonifico Bancaria.

To proceed, please fill in the form by clicking here


Technical Update

Special Visas and Stay Permits for Foreign Investors

Italy introduced (with art 48 of Law no 232/2016) a new Visa procedure that allows entries and residence in Italy for non- EU citizens who commit to a significant investment in an Italian based business. A new Article 26 (II)
has been added to the Immigration Code. This provides for a new kind of visa for individuals who intend to make a significant investment in some Italian areas considered to be economically and socially strategic.

After their entry to Italy, holders of this visa will be able to obtain a Residence Permit (“permesso di soggiorno”) for Investors, lasting two years and renewable for further terms of three years.

The Italian Government has issued guidelines and operational instructions for requesting this new type of Italian Visa.

The Visa can be issued to non-EU citizens resident outside Italy who intend to make:

  • an investment of at least 2 million Euros in securities (bonds) issued by the Italian Government;
  • an investment of at least 1 million Euros in assets of an Italian company or 500.000 Euro in an innovative Italian startup;

The above-mentioned investments must be maintained for a minimum period of two years. The visa is also available to those who make

  • a philanthropic donation of at least 1 million Euros to
  • support a project or an initiative of public interest;

Individuals who wish to obtain this type of Visa must:

  1. Demonstrate that they effective possess the necessary amounts for the investment or the donation;
  2. Commit to actually making these investments;
  3. Demonstrate they have sufficient financial resources to support themselves and any family members who may be accompanying them or who arrive later (and the law provide s facilitated visas and stay permits for them to) during their stay in Italy

The new rules were also accompanied by a favorable tax regime allowing individuals who have not lived in Italy in any 9 of the past 10 tax years to pay a flat tax of Euro 100,000 in lieue of normal Italian tax at marginal rates.

You can read more about the flat rate regime and how to apply here:

Technical Update

Visas and Stay Permits for Investors – definition of Innovative-Start up

Innovative start-ups must be established with certain characteristics under art. 25 (2), of Decree-Law no. 179/2012. In particular, in addition to being incorporated in the form of a liabiility company, an innovative start-up must have the following characteristics:

  • it must be newly established or have been in existence for less than 5 years;
  • have its principal place of business and interests in
    • Italy; or
    • in another Member State of the European Union, or the European Economic Area Member State as long as the company has a production facility or branch in Italy;
  • have gross turnover of less less than 5 million euros;
  • must not distribute, or ever have distributed, any profits;
  • have as its exclusive or main corporate object the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value;
  • not be formed as a result of a merger, de-merger or transfer of a business or branch of business.

A start-up will be considered “innovative” if it can be demonstrated that 15% of its turnover depends on research and development activities, if the start-up is the owner or licensee of a registered patent, or employs PhDs, PhD candidates or researchers in its workforce.

Technical Update

Certifying Documents and Apostilles

Our Services

We are on the list of English Solicitors resident in Italy published by the UK Foreign Office. We can certify copies of documents and arrange for an apostille under the Hague Convention from the Foreign and Commonwealth office. You can choose between simply asking for our certification or instructing us to complete the full procedure on your behalf .

For more information regarding the apostille, please click here.

We also have correspondents in most jurisdictions around the world if you need an apostille on a document. We can also arrange for translations (simple, certified and court-sworn).

Certification of documents issued in England and Wales for use in Italy

The cost for a single certification is Euro € 126.88 including VAT.

If you wish we can also send to FCO and arrange for direct dispatch back to you at your Italian address of the certificate with apostille. In this case the additional costs are as follows:

Postage and handling dispatch to FCO             € 31.72
Apostille fee (payable to FCO, GBP 30)           € 35.00
Return postage fee                                                € 18.00
Total                                                                € 211.60

Each additional document costs Euro 12.69 plus Euro 30.00 apostille fee (no extra postage).

Consultation regarding the document and apostille (especially whether an apostille is actually required especially in the light of the recent EU regulation) costs Euro 50 per half hour or part thereof (min Euro 50).

If you wish to proceed then please complete the sign-up form at  and send us the ID as requested in the form. Without this information we cannot proceed. 

Where the form asks for a third document please upload the document(s) in pdf  you need certified.  Once we have received the information and pdf of the document we will be back in touch to confirm fees, organise advance payment and arrangements  for letting us have the original documents.

The timescale are about ten to fifteen working days once we are in possession of the document(s) requiring certification.